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NWPA(Northwest Plan Administrators, Inc.) is now under contract with NFFE to provide voluntary group insurance programs to union members, to provide group health insurance for "temporary" classified employees and through an "associate" membership with NFFE, all programs are available to federal employees now!

Please continue to check our Web site for additional plans to be added. Including more plan choices and additional benefit programs.

Benefits of the Programs

  1. Largest PPO Panel of Dentists. For example, ODS Delta Dental Premier Panel has over 140,000 dentists, of 162,000 dentists nationwide. Other plans available from through OPM for federal employees only have 85,000 dentists on their PPO panels.
  2. Largest PPO Panel on vision insurance and out of network access on Vision Service Plan. OPM panel from VSP is smaller as are two other choices available.
  3. HMO – Largest National Carrier, CIGNA. Available in 37 states.At this time, the OPM have no HMO dental plans.
  4. You can sign up year round for all of our programs. You are not required to stay on a plan if you wish to change; you can change at any time. With OPM, you can only enroll during the open enrollment period.
  5. You can enroll a domestic partner on all plans. Call to go over requirements.With OPM, you cannot enroll your domestic partner. You can only enroll a spouse with OPM.
  6. On plans ODS-Delta, CIGNA HMO, Delta HMO, United Health and Safeguard: cover orthodonic (braces) on adults and children. On most plans, orthodontic with NO waiting period. On an OPM federal plan, all plans have a two year waiting period.
  7. You can keep all plans INTO retirement. With OPM, you must meet PERS requirements to keep your plan into retirement.

Definitions and Clarifications:

  • Indemnity Plan: Choose any dentist.
  • PPO: Prefered Provider Dentist
  • HMO: Limited to 1 choice of dentist from carrier panel. Can not use any dentist.

Publications and Forms for Union Members

Benefits at a Glance

List of Plans


Get to the plans!

First select your membership status:

  • NFFE Members
  • Associate Members
  • To Become an Associate Member

How to Enroll

  1. Check the lists of dental providers by following the provided hot links with each plan or by calling the carrier directly. If your dentist or a dentist you would like to use is a panel member, the DHMO or PPO plan may be the most attractive to you.  On the other hand, if your dentist of choice is not on any current plan, but you want protection and coverage now, the indemnity plan (choose any dentist plan) would be the plan to choose.  If a new plan comes on-line later, a member will be afforded the right to switch plans without losing either benefits or going through a "waiting" period, or having to wait until the year end to switch as with health insurance.  

  2. If your concern is with the plan's benefits or cost, please consult a NWPA representative in person or contact us at our address or phone number listed below; we would be happy to review your concerns and make a recommendation.
  3. If you want coverage and protection now and know your choice, print and fill out the plan enrollment form from our web page and direct deposit form.(select print from your web browser) We must receive payment for 3 consecutive pay periods before coverage begins. Please mail all correspondence to NWPA(address listed at bottom of page).
  4. If there are any problems with the above requirements such as being able to print these forms or with direct deposit please contact us at NWPA.

Contact Us

Don't hesitate to contact Northwest Plan Administrators for any of your questions.    

E-mail   nwpa@nffedental.com

Telephone          541-484-2781
Fax                     541-349-0486

Postal address    1805 Tabor St.  Eugene, OR 97401